Security Systems Installation & Maintenance

Alarm Systems

Alarm Systems

Professionally installed alarm systems to fit around you.

All of our systems are user-friendly. Every effort is made to make sure your system has everything you need to keep your property secure, we fit devices such as: movement detectors, door contacts, vibration sensors, panic buttons, smoke detectors.


Don't want the mess and fuss of having carpets and floorboards lifted? - A wireless system is the ideal option for you.

Wireless is also a brilliant option if you have remote buildings such as garages and sheds that you want to protect.


Got Pets? Not a problem - we can install pet friendly sensors

If you already have a system installed - we can extend your existing system with wireless devices and retain your existing devices by using a hybrid panel, this way you can add sensors to rooms, doors and windows whenever you like.


When completed, the alarm system will be demonstrated to you, to provide a good understading of its operation.




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